New Vehicle Detailing

All vehicles need supplemental paint protection in the form of paint sealant or wax, especially those newly purchased. Brand new clear-coated vehicles need paint protection in order to resist the inevitable paint system failure caused by environmental sources such as the sun, bug spatter, bird droppings, and more. Your new car is likely your second largest investment. Protect it from the start!

Lavaggio Loyalty Program

Lavaggio recognizes our regular customers and rewards you for your loyalty to Lavaggio. Become a Lavaggio Club Member and receive complimentary services, extra-special discounts and so much more!

Maintenance Detailing Program

Lavaggio’s Maintenance Detail program provides the ultimate protection for your investment, keeping you driving safely, in style and comfort! Our maintenance program is custom tailored to your specific needs and includes discounted services. Choose from a variety of options!

RV Detailing

Lavaggio can detail detailing Motor Homes, RV's and Campers. Get rid of those bug splatters, road tar and black streaks. Lavaggio’s RV Detail Technicians can also remove any paint oxidation and finish off with a coat of wax to preserve your unit. Tires and wheels will be cleaned and dressed and all chrome will be polished. In addition to an exterior detail – Lavaggio’s technicians can also provide a thorough interior detail – including all upholstery, carpet, woodwork, sinks, tubs and showers.

Detailing your RV on a regular basis will not only provide you a clean and safe RV but it will also increase the market value several times the small cost of a great deep clean.

Boat Detailing

Let Lavaggio help you restore and preserve the beauty and value of your boat. Neglecting your boat can become very costly overtime. Lavaggio’s trained boat detailing technicians can preserve your boats value.

As with our auto detailing services we offer a number of service packages to better fit your boat detailing needs.

Fleet Detailing Services

The appearance of your company fleet vehicles is important not only to you, but to your customers as well. A clean and well-maintained vehicle gives a professional image and shows a pride in your associates and your company. Lavaggio understands this importance and will provide exceptional, reliable service, to ensure that your vehicles have the striking appearance that will get your business recognized. Company fleet detailing pricing is based on quantity of vehicles or recreational equipment being serviced. Prices may be higher or slightly lower depending upon quantity, size and condition of the vehicles. Contact Lavaggio’s Concierge to find out what your price will be.