Lavaggio’s Health & Wellness Package


Did you know that your vehicle may be filled with bacteria and germs? Studies have shown that your vehicle may be as dirty as the dirtiest part of your home. Studies suggest that the bacteria in your vehicle may be harmful to you and your family.


Lavaggio has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and sanitizing products to remove 99.99% of all bacteria in your vehicle. Keeping you and your family safe is part of our mission.


Lavaggio’s highly trained professionals will remove stains and odors from your cars interior as well as bacteria, mold and germs that make you and your family ill. Using high-powered equipment, properly trained technicians and our custom treatment process our services will make your vehicles interior look new and be bacteria free!


Steering wheel, Dashboard, Cup Holders and more…

Studies have proven that that the typical car has been found to host to no less than 283 different types of bacteria every square centimeter. Cars belonging to women, families and that those that eat or drink in their cars will in fact have two to three times more bacteria.


How can Lavaggio help you protect your family?

Scientists and Doctors concur that you should sanitize the interior of your vehicles at least once a month. Lavaggio has consulted with experts in the field and uses on the safest and highest quality products that will kill over 99.999% of such bacteria. Our technicians will cover every inch of your interior to help protect you and your family from bacteria that causes illness and poor health.


Mat Cleaning

In a one-step process, Lavaggio’s state of the art mat cleaning machine effectively cleans and dries rubber and carpet floor mats within 30 seconds. Using steam and water and the power of a special textured brush to clean ground-in dirt, hard to remove stains and pet hair and finishing off with a patented drying technique and groomed appearance. Further, specifically formulated solutions are added to the cleaning process to kill 99.999% of all germs and bacteria in your floor mats. At Lavaggio, it is more than detailing, it is keeping you and your family safe.

Ozone Machine

Do you smell funny odors in your vehicle? If you do, that is bacteria! Lavaggio invested in hospital grade Ozone Machine to kill such germs in bacteria in your vehicle. Our State-of-the-art Ozone Machine will kill contaminants in the hard to reach parts of your vehicle and eliminate tough odors leaving your car sanitized and you and your family safe.

Lavaggio can eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in your vehicle. We suggest this service once a quarter or more regularly if you so chose. Keeping your vehicle bacteria free and you and your family healthy is our goal!


Research shows:

  • Married people have more bacteria in their cars than single people.
  • Females have more bacteria in their cars than males.
  • The dashboard food spills had ten times more bacteria than the radio knob or the seat belt.
  • More bacteria were isolated in Vans and SUV’s than cars, which may reflect the greater numbers of people in the larger vehicles or perhaps greater occurrence of children in the larger vehicles.
  • As might be expected the greater numbers of bacteria were found in automobiles that carried children as passengers.
  • A recent study has found that nine times more germs breed on the steering wheel of a car than on a public toilet seat.
  • The research found that while 80 bacteria prowl on each square inch of a toilet, almost 700 harmful bugs inhabit the interior of a car, reports the Daily Mail.
  • The Aston University study found traces of fecal matter from pets and dirty diapers tracked all over the typical family car – including the trunk, where most families store their groceries!
  • If you drive with trash on the floor – as HALF of all drivers do – the news gets worse. Not only do you have bacteria growing on the floor, you have fungi growing in your ventilation system, and that fungi gets circulated around the cabin whenever you turn on the air conditioner or the heater.
  • People typically spend three full years of their lives stuck behind the wheel of a car. In that time, they breathe more sickness causing germs in a car than they’d ever find at home on a toilet seat!
  • “A car is the perfect place for germs to breed, especially if you eat in it and leave litter or uneaten food around. To avoid potential health risks it would be wise to regularly clean your car inside and out,”
  • Scientists also said the car boot is the filthiest area, with 1,000 bacteria for every one and half square inch.
  • The study has revealed that Bacillus Cereus, a bug found in rice, pasta, potatoes and pies, and which can cause food poisoning, is the most commonly found in cars.
  • The carpet of the trunk, where scientists found 300 to 400 bacteria per square inch.
    Most of the bacteria in cars came from dead skin cells and soil tracked in on shoes, hands or animal paws. People generally don’t get infected by these pathogens. (Although one car that was swabbed for the study contained microbes linked to fecal contamination.)