Platinum Club Membership


Lavaggio’s revolutionary Platinum Club is an all inclusive annual membership which ensures your vehicle will always look new. Included in the annual package is every service your vehicle needs to keep it looking “showroom”. You will also be entitled to visit Lavaggio every day for a Signature Wash. And yes, our Platinum Club members do visit us daily.

What exactly does it include?


Signature Wash

Every member is entitled to a Signature Wash, EVERYDAY. That is correct, if you so chose, you may visit Lavaggio and have your vehicle cleaned daily and enjoy a lovely meal from our Bellini Bistro.


Semi-Annual Ultimate Details

It is our recommendation that every six-months your vehicle experiences a Lavaggio Ultimate Detail. This detail will ensure that your vehicle is cleaned and protected from the elements. Providing the finest auto detailing on a regular basis will ensure your paint and interior will look like new for years to come. Protecting your investment is our job!


New Vehicle Protection Detail

If you’re enrolling a brand new vehicle, you are entitled to a New Vehicle Protection Detail. This detail will leave your vehicle in “better than new” condition. Your brand new vehicle needs to be cleaned, polished and protected, both inside and out. New vehicles often have contaminants and imperfections and our experts can correct, clean, polish and protect your new vehicle.


Lease Return Package

Lavaggio’s Lease Return Detailing package is designed to minimize your exposure to costly dealer wear-and-tear fees at the conclusion of your enrolled automobile’s lease. We being with a thorough inspection of the vehicle so that you will be aware of any potential problems a dealer will charge for. Platinum Club Members also receive special pricing on service not included in this package, including scratch repair to you wheels, serious surface damage and more.


The Unexpected

Being a Platinum Member has its perks. You’ll never worry again about the unexpected spills, beach sand from your weekend family excursion, or unpleasant pet odors and pet accidents. The fee to handle any of these service emergencies is included in your Platinum Club membership. So, if you ever spill coffee or food in your car, or if you park under a tree and need droppings remove before paint damage occurs, we’re here to assist.


For more information please contact Guest Services,

Platinum Club Membership 


Every Day…

~ Pre-rinse and gently hand wash using
micro-fiber mitts
~ Rinse with spot-free de-ionized water
~ Thoroughly vacuum and dust interior
~ Buff all exterior glass to a sparkle
~ Dress tires and touch up door jambs
~ Shampoo and sterilize floor mats
~ Apply generous spray wax
~ And much more …
~ $ 79+ value every time you use it!
And, we invite you to enjoy the
world’s finest wash – every day!



~ Lavaggio Signature Wash
~ Clean and de-grease trunk and door jambs
~ Remove surface contamination with
detailer’s clay
~ Apply protective dressing to all plastic,
vinyl and rubber
~ Apply premium detail products to all paint and glass
~ Polish and protect interior surfaces
~ Apply ozone deodorization
~ And much more …
~ $1398+ value throughout the
year that makes your car new again

When You Need It …

~ Lavaggio Signature Wash
~ Treat all paint with clay and sealants
~ Apply water repellent to glass, fabric and
~ Apply UV-inhibiting conditioner to protect
leather, vinyl and more …
~$699+ value that ensures your
new car always looks its best.


When You Need It …

~ Lavaggio Signature Wash
~ Remove minor imperfections, inside
and out for a “like-new” appearance
~ Pre-arranged pricing for additional
repairs as necessary
~ And much more …
~ $499+ value that can save you
hundreds more in lease return fees.


Plus …

Access to meeting rooms, Lavaggio
Concierge service, special events,
priority scheduling and preferred
member pricing on additional services.

Twelve Month Membership

Starting at $2,579

$6,500+ value to Lavaggio Platinum Club Members.