What is detailing?

Detailing is a systematic process of meticulously cleaning, rejuvenating, and protecting the various surfaces of a vehicle.


Why should I have my vehicle detailed?

Every day, your vehicle is subjected to abuse; including the sun, dirt, smog, acid rain, brake dust, insects and bird droppings. A professional detail on a routine basis will protect your vehicle from such abuses, help keep your exterior paint and interior colors from fading and provide an added measure of protection. Just like a regular oil-change or tune-up, detailing your car is not just a good practice but also a good investment. Taking good care of your vehicle will help its longevity, increase its re-sale value and most importantly, keep it looking new!


Is leather protection important?

Yes, protecting your expensive leather interiors from harsh UV rays and normal driving wear is very important. Drying, cracking and fading are common problems associated with improper maintenance. Lavaggio recommends leather-conditioning treatment every 30 days to keep leather soft and supple.


What is carpet and fabric protection?

Carpet and fabric protection is a system that helps to prevent spots and discoloration caused by spills onto your fabric seats, floor mats and carpets. Most spills can really soil your precious fabric, but with carpet and fabric protection, your spills won’t be permanent. Consult with a Lavaggio detailing expert today on this wonderful service.


What is paint surface contamination?

Paint surface contamination is a build of up various harsh elements out there on today’s roads including; red iron oxide speckles (found in metal brake dust), tree sap, bug spatter, and bird droppings. All of these commonly found elements can sustain permanent damage to a vehicle’s painted surface if left unchecked. Lavaggio’s contamination removal process begins by claying your vehicle. Consult with a Lavaggio detailing expert if you notice your paint has been contaminated.


Can you remove scratches?

Yes, Lavaggio’s detailing experts have been trained to remove most minor surface scratches, swirl marks, webbing and scuffs through the use of advanced polishing techniques. Let us examine your paint to see how we can rid your vehicle of this type of unsightly damage.


What kind of paint protection is there?


Gives your vehicle enhanced shine and protection from the sun’s harmful rays, acid rain, salt, atmospheric pollution, insect fluids, and bird droppings. Wax should typically be re-applied every 3-6 weeks in order to be effective

Paint Sealant:
Is a synthetic polymer, which actually bond to your vehicle’s painted surface providing the ultimate protection and shine. Paint sealant should typically be re-applied every 3-6 months. It is the longest form of protection you can buy for your vehicle’s painted surface.


What is Headlight Restoration?

Headlight Restoration is systematic process used to rejuvenate fogged or yellowed headlamps. This great service cleans, brightens and protects even the dullest headlights. Headlight Restoration not only improves the cosmetic appearance of a vehicle but also dramatically improves a driver’s night visibility.


What is Ozone Treatment?

The environmentally safe odor neutralizer and ozone treatment destroys the source of the odor and leaves pure fresh oxygen in its place. Excellent for smoke damage, mold, mildew, pet odor, and other sources of odor commonly found in vehicles.


What is Fabric Protection?

Fabric protection is a treatment that will protect your carpet and fabric from everyday soil grime, stains and spills. Treat your carpet and fabric with a protection that helps prevent future staining and increased wear and tear. Our fabric protection treatment will coat each fiber with a long lasting protective shield.